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Interior Tile Finishes

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1.  Survey

Before we meet for a consultation, we need a scanned pdf of your original or most recent 11'"17" property survey in order to begin the design process.  You can email this to...  If you have a problem finding it please give us a call, we can help!

Pool Renovation

Aquatics Division of PaverScape

6.  Tile & Coping

Pool construction and design has a wonderful selection available of travertine, concrete pavers, porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles, ceramics, and mosaics.  The pool coping can be crafted from travertine, concrete pavers, natural stone, brick, cement, or an assortment of other materials.

4.  Materials Selections  

Once a design has been approved, your Design Consultant will meet with you at one of our Design or Supplier Locations.  Here you can see samples of tile, plaster, and hardscape materials and choose the ones that will work best with your pool and aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Infinity Edge Pools

3.  Pool Design

Every client receives a computer-generated design or 3-D pool design before we begin construction.  These detailed designs allow you to see all the elements of your pool design

as they integrate to your home and backyard.  At this stage, you can make revisions and improvements as necessary.  Upon approval of your design, we use this layout to create detailed engineering drawings and we begin the layout process.

Decorative Fire Features

3.  Forming & Steel Work

 Just as steel and wood are used to form a solid foundation for a home; it is also used to form the shape and structure of your pool.  While it is visually rough, it serves as the framework for a poolscape with high structural integrity.

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Hardscape Design and Installation Phase

PoolScape Pools and Spas

Construction Phases

Freeform Pools

Elevated Pools

4.  Electrical & Plumbing

Before the gunite process begins, we install all the plumbing and electrical components.  We ensure that the plumbing is pressure tested and the electrical meets the necessary city and state codes.

Plunge Pools

Plaster Phase

1.  Finishing the Interior Pool and Spa Shells

First the inside of the shell is cleaned thoroughly before the plaster process can start.  After it has dry, the plaster is then blown onto the gunite shell and requires a quick, experienced and hardworking crew to smooth the surface to assure a beautiful finish.  Once that is complete, the pool is then immediately filled with water.  The next 7 days requires the homeowners to thoroughly “brush” the pool twice a day to ensure the smoothest surface possible.  Since this step is essential and must be adhered to, you will need to contact PoolScape Pools and Spas if you are unable to participate in this part of the process.

1.  Layout

This next stage is the first in the construction of your PoolScape Pool and Spa.  Here, we take the dimensions of the pool design & engineering drawings and paint it out on the proposed site area.  This provides an ideal opportunity to see the outlines of the actual size and shape of the pool and make any changes to the size and/or location before we actually break ground.

2.  Consultation

Our office will contact you to schedule an appointment at your house.  One of our experienced and professional Design Consultants will come to your house to meet with you to discuss your project and the next steps.  While there, they will show you a variety of pool designs and help identify what you are looking from your pool.  Measurements of the backyard are taken so that the designer can work on an accurate design plan for you.


Contact PoolScape Pools and Spas to set up an appointment to discuss your outdoor living space project(s) with one of our experienced

design consultants today.  We look forward to helping you make your dream come true!  

Design and Planning Phase

5.  Gunite Application

Sure, invite your neighbors for a pool party when your pool is completed, but this stage is almost just as awesome.  A large team of experienced personnel apply the gunite using high-pressure hoses to create the tough inner shell of your new pool.  It truly is awesome to see the gunite concrete applied and worked onto the forming structure so that you get the first real time vision of your dream pool.  Woohoo!

2.  Excavation

Once the layout stage is complete, we then proceed to turn off the irrigation zone(s) to the area(s), then excavate the grass and underlying soils in order to prepare the site for the pool construction.

Raised Pool Walls and Pool Waterfalls

Our Construction Process

From Start to Finish and Beyond, We Stand Behind Our Pools

1.  Hardscape

This is the perimeter area surrounding your pool.  There are a variety of surfaces that are implemented here based on your design from the standard concrete decking material to travertine, shell stone, concrete pavers, pervious pavers, porcelain tile, or custom stone.   At this stage we also create any features included in your design such as covered roof structures, outdoor fireplaces or firepits, fountains, outdoor kitchens and more.


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