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In today's economy using your hard earned money is more important than ever we know, especially using it to pay an increased water bill for watering your grass.  PaverScape has a number of solutions in making your lawn look it's best without the long term costs in your water bill.  Artificial lawns are a "maintenance-free" material that gives you the look and feel of real green grass year round without the added cost of upkeep, cutting, watering, pesticides and fertilizers.  It enables you the ability to have the a plush green carpet and the envy of your neighborhood.  Artificial grass does have a higher cost per square foot than real grass but will easily pay for itself over time.  Ultimately, paying for itself by eliminating your costs of upkeep.  In addition to being highly cost effective, artificial grass adds an amazing level of curb appeal to any property.  Artificial grass will not harbor mosquitoes, ants, or any other pests that will bother you and/or your guests.  Artificial grass can also be used in those "hard to grow" areas like under oak trees and shaded yards that absorb all the water and moisture from your real grass.  

Do you ever catch yourself looking at perfectly manicured yards as you drive around your communities?

Your eyes are drawn to the perfectly trimmed, clean and vibrant appearance that only a concerned homeowner or business owner would want to maintain and take pride of.  PaverScape can help you achieve that year-round sense of pride by designing and installing just one of many varieties of artificial lawns.

Can you tell the difference between artificial grass and real grass?  Let's see how good you are...which one is the real zoysia grass?

Here are some of the "maintenance free" artificial lawns we've completed...

Artificial Grass and Putting Greens