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Landscape Design and Installation

The perfect landscape (also known as "softscape") design and installation certainly defines the aesthetics and beauty of the outdoor living spaces whether it be a residence, business, or public environment.  PaverScape offers a proven track record of beautifully creative and quality landscape design and installation.  Our "one-stop" turn-key approach to completing everything around a residence, business and/or public environment has enabled us to offer our clients everything under one roof, coordinating project phases start to finish, keeping them on time and all within budget, and saving our clients the headache of dealing with several different contractors.  Having the ability to do this for our clients has paved the way to our success and has established PaverScape as the premier design/build company in the Lowcountry.

PaverScape will conduct an on-site meeting to determine, discuss and design a plan that's right for your needs and wants.  Our designer will provide you with the time to go over all the various options as well as your budget.  After the on-site meeting, we will present you with a formal proposal to complete your project.  This proposal will be thorough and detailed with the breakdowns of trees, plant materials, sod, ground cover, fill dirt, topsoil, mulch, etc.

Homeowners, Developers and Contractors who have hired us over the years have reaped the benefits and detailed workmanship of what we bring to each and every project we're on.  We're in high demand because of the beautiful and awe-inspiring hardscape and landscape environments only PaverScape can create.

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Irrigation Design and Installation

With a perfectly designed and landscaped project comes the proper irrigation design and installation to protect your new or existing softscape investment.  That's where PaverScape's irrigation system designers and techs "have you covered" (pun intended) with the best possible solutions!  We specialize in the design, installation and repair of both Rain Bird and Hunter Irrigation systems.  The proper irrigation system for your needs requires knowledge of not just the systems, but the sod, plants, flowers and/or trees it's designed to cover.  It's not all about the knowledge of how to put lengths of irrigation PVC piping and wiring together, but knowledge of "water pressure" and the "rate of flow".  It requires knowing how to set up clocks/timers and rain sensors to facilitate the best outcome.  At PaverScape, our employees understand and know how to make sure your lawn, trees, shrubs, flower beds and potted plants get complete and sufficient coverage year-round.

To start, PaverScape will conduct an on-site inspection in order to determine soil conditions, water pressure, and landscape planting materials.  Our tech will provide you with the time to go over your options as well as your budget.  Measurements of your yard or business green space area(s) will be taken to ensure the system designed for you is specific to your needs.  After the inspection, we will present you with a formal proposal.  This proposal will be thorough and detail the various system products and zones recommended and the total price to complete it.

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Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

There is no shortage of beautiful homes big and small in the Lowcountry area.  These homeowners love their homes and yards and they put a lot of time and money into their largest and most profitable investment.  So why not let PaverScape help you show it off when the sun goes down too?  Why not add another layer of security around your property at night?  Why not save money on your property insurance having that extra layer of security?

The experienced landscape lighting techs at PaverScape will design and install LED low voltage lighting on the architecture of your home, your beautiful trees, shrubs and flower beds around your house or business.  You (and your neighbors) will appreciate your valuable property more and help in raising its value and security alike.  As energy costs rise LED low voltage lighting is ideal for outdoor lighting, they lower utility bills, and offer pinpoint directional lighting.  The bulbs burn very cool and have a long life since they have no fragile filament or tube to contend with, making them resistant to heat, cold and shock.

At PaverScape, we believe that it is important to highlight the natural beauty of the outside of your home or business as it is on the inside.  Your interior design and the lighting you use to show it off speaks to the person you are, why not let PaverScape help you bring that to your outside.  For this reason, we offer a free on-site consultation to discuss the many fine options and selections of LED up lights, down lights, pathway and/or driveway lights.  All of the LED lights we install come with a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer.  After the on-site consultation is complete, we will present you with a formal proposal to complete your landscape lighting project(s).

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Drainage and Grading

PaverScape is NDS Certified in Drainage.  We have the experience, expertise and equipment to "move water" away from your biggest investment...your house.  Our experienced crews can take care of all of your drainage and grading issues, whether it is creating a French drain system, installing channel drains, drain boxes or getting rid of your gutter downspout water.  PaverScape provides our clients and contractors with water drainage services that ensures water runs properly from your home.   With 22+ years of grading and water drainage experience and expertise, PaverScape can help you solve your standing water issues that protects your investments.

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Landscape, Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, and Drainage and Grading Design and Installation